Project Management Specialists

At Tectum Consulting we understand that every project has a defined start and finish.

Recognising the opportunity, need or problem and deciding whether a project is worth planning is vital.

Key components of project management are:

  • Time – the intended duration of the work
  • Cost – the budget allocated for the work
  • Scope – what is required to be undertaken to achieve the goal
  • Quality – the standard of the outcome of the project.

Although there are different project management methodologies and approaches, most projects follow these stages:

  • Initiating the project – the project manager defines what the project will achieve and realize, working with the project sponsor and stakeholders to agree deliverables.
  • Planning – the project manager records all the tasks and assigns deadlines for each as well as stating the relationships and dependencies between each activity.
  • Execution – the project manager builds the project team and also collects and allocates the resources and budget available to specific tasks.
  • Monitoring – the project manager oversees the progress of project work and updates the project plans to reflect actual performance.
  • Closing – the project manager ensures the outputs delivered by the project are accepted by the business and closes down the project team.

Planning and concept feasibility checking is fundamental to a successful project. We provide professional advice, expertise and timely service.

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  • Education - Hotel - Commercial

  • Education - Hotel - Commercial

  • Education - Hotel - Commercial

  • Playgrounds for schools

We specialise in bringing project concepts to life

Undertaking any project, large or small, is an investment that ultimately delivers what was expected.

We pride ourselves on continually looking for project risks, undertaking thorough risk analysis and providing risk treatment.

Tectum Consulting provide independent project management that encompasses project conception, development, execution and closure in areas such as, but not limited to:


  • Managing your funds and getting the most from them is always challenging. We believe it is better to be realistic in the planning stage than having to engineer cost after design and be disappointed with the outcome
  • Education property consultancy – Education capital works project management – 5 and 10 year property planning (5YP / 10YPP).
  • Ministry of Education documentation – Interior refurbishment works
  • Site management – Co-ordinating trade services to undertake interior refurbishment
  • Maintenance planning From small deferred works / maintenance projects through to major specialised new buildings, such as science laboratories, we can offer a variety of Ministry of Education compliant project management methods, to allow you to maximise benefits.

Hotels, Aged Care, Commercial, Other

  • Hotel refurbishment
  • Aged care facility refurbishment
  • Council residential property refurbishment
  • Commercial property
  • Generalised projects
  • Co-ordinating trade services to undertake interior refurbishment

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